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Heating Oil Suppliers’ Products

The fuels listed below are available at some of the suppliers listed in our database.  The larger the supplier the more likely they are to carry a full range of products. The common theme for this website, however, is types of heating oil.

Heating Oil (Kerosene C2, 28-second burning oil, or Burning Oil)

Kerosene C2 is the cheapest form of heating oil. It is suitable for all domestic pressure jet heating oil boilers. And for use in the majority of vaporised burners such as those made by AGA Rayburn.

Premium Burning Oil, also known as PBO or Blue Parrafin. PBO is a finer grade of Kerosene, mainly used if you have an Aga, as it helps to improve the performance of your boiler. You can also mix it in with Burning oil.


Paraffin (Premium Kerosene or Kerosene C1)

Paraffin is a cleaner form of Regular Kerosene. It is used where the exhaust emissions might not be vented outside. As the cleanest possible form of Kerosene, it is more costly to refine and is thus more expensive to supply. It helps stops carbon build on the jets in the boiler, stops sludge forming in the tank and will also get rid of any sludge in the tank already.

Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

This fuel is favoured by farmers, for use in their tractors and by commercial customers for generators and industrial heating. It carries government duty and thus is always more expensive per litre than kerosene. Gas Oil is also known as 35-second burning oil.

It is a Criminal Offence to use Gas Oil as a road fuel.

Diesel (White Diesel or Road Diesel)

Diesel fuel is used to power cars, buses, trucks, earthmoving equipment, and lorries. Ultra-low-sulphur diesel (ULSD) is a term used to describe diesel fuel. It has substantially lowered sulfur content. As of 2006, almost all of the petroleum-based diesel fuel available in Europe is a ULSD type. ULSD has a lower energy content due to the heavy processing required.  It requires large amounts of sulfur to be removed from the oil. This leads to lower fuel economy.  It is generally more expensive than unleaded gasoline.

Unleaded (95 and 98 RON)

Unleaded fuel is a gasoline product designed for cars, petrol generators, and lawnmowers. It contains no lead to meet with existing environmental requirements. 95 RON is the standard for regular unleaded petrol. 98 RON is also available as a more expensive option. In the UK, ordinary regular unleaded petrol is 91 RON (not commonly available). Premium unleaded petrol is always 95 RON, and super unleaded is usually 97-98 RON. However, both Shell and BP produce fuel at 102 RON for cars with high-performance engines.