Heating Oil Prices holding for time being


Tuesday 14th November.  Crude Oil prices look to be recoveringtheir earlier falls. Brent Crude is  currently down by $0.06 or 0.09% to $63.10. WTI, is  $56.63  down $0.13 or 0.23%.  Bloomberg is showing a fall in the #heatingoil price at $1.921 a fall of $0.30 or 0.16%. UK domestic heating oils  will probably stay the same for another day or two as crude oils are still below Friday last week.  We believe that prices will continue to stabilise until the next cold snap.

Wet and windy weather in the northwest on Thursday, moving southeast with colder, brighter and showery weather following for Friday and Saturday. Showers wintry over northern hills, drier further south.

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Current Average UK heating oil prices over the last 14 days have risen steadily and have risen by 3.00ppl since 1st November. (Regional prices may vary). Prices are temporary stabilised  in line with crude oil price and seasonal factors. The blue logarithmic line is still showing a distinct upward push in prices. Historically, as we near Christmas and the weather gets colder, prices rise so choose your buying time carefully. Now is a better time to buy to beat the Christmas rush.



The last 7 days has shown a slow down in the average UK heating oil price which increased by 0.57ppl to 45.73ppl with a 7 day average of 45.58ppl. Regional differences occur and we encourage you to obtain multiple and competitive #heatingoilquotes from heatingoilshop.com to get the latest deals and prices from the suppliers delivering to your area.

Please note, we do not charge suppliers or consumers brokerage commissions or surcharges but our suppliers do provide compettitive prices.


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