Compare heating oil prices

Heating oil is important for many residential & commercial properties. More than 1.5 million households in the United Kingdom rely on oil for heating the home. Although high in demand, most people don’t know where to look for cheap oil and end up overspending. By taking the time to find a reliable heating oil supplier in the UK you could save money on your bills through comparing prices, haggling and timing the purchase right. If you’re not sure where to begin, use the following tips for cutting down the price of heating oil.

There are two main types of oil to choose between when comparing online – gas and kerosene. Prices differ and the type you require depends on the model of your boiler but in most cases, homes will rely on kerosene. The Internet will be your best friend when you are comparing the prices of a UK heating oil supplier elsewhere. One of the best commission free sites to use is which will provide all suppliers to your post code.

The most expensive time to buy heating oil is in the winter or more precisely December. This is the most expensive time and although prices fluctuate daily, you can expect to get the best deal in the warmer months, due to the fact heating is less in demand throughout summer. It’s a good idea to check oil level frequently, so that you know when you are best placed for making a purchase after obtaining multiple quotes.

No matter what time of year you buy your oil, there will always be an opportunity to save money if you buy in bulk. Wholesale purchases are favoured by businesses and large organizations, because big supplies of oil can last for long periods of time and will usually be discounted. The more you buy the better the discount, so consider purchasing in bulk. Why not start a local oil buying group with friends or neighbours.



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