Today’s Heating Oil Prices

Tuesday 14th May 2019. Crude oil and heating oil prices started to rise earliertoday. And, will bring slightly increased #heatingoil prices to UK Domestic homes. Brent prices are up $0.91 (1.50%) today and is $71.14. WTI is up $0.64 (1.05%) and is at $61.68. Go to our home page and half way down you’ll see a live market trading position.

The #heatingoil price has also risen by $0.99 (0.49%) to $2.0483. Paving the way for slightly increased UK domestic heating oil prices tomorrow on.

Prices may go higher due to supply cuts, weak exchange rate & sanctions against Venezuela and the escalating trade war between the US and China.  Some experts are predicting further rises during the rest of the month. It’s worth ordering your soon to avoid any possible price rises and fill up your heating oil tanks on lower prices for now. Choose multiple quotes from

Just over the last 10 days distributor average prices have fallen by 0.33ppl. Prices continue to fall as we would expect at this time of year. Yet, there seems to be a reluctance to go much further possibly due to the US – China trade war.  Today we have seen average distributor price of 50.11ppl inclusive of VAT. However, we do not see this price dropping further.

The major deciding factor on prices in the coming weeks will still be the price of crude oil, production cuts, dollar rate and the US – China trade war plus warmer weather.  The trend is now falling much steeper than of late. Keep an eye on your local price situation by getting multiple quotes from, & make sure you do not run out of and top up where necessary. Save money by getting quotes from a distributor and not incentivised brokers.

Today, average prices for distributors fell to 50.11ppl as average broker prices rose 0.45ppl to 50.67ppl.  The difference between average distributor prices versus average online heating oil broker prices today is 0.56ppl inc vat. This means you can save an average of £2.80 on 500 litres or £5.60 on a 1000 litres depending on your postcode. Remember, savings can change!

Wise up, cost more money. Brokers charge a variety of commissions, surcharges & admin charges or a mixture of all and these affect your final bill. Boilerjuice and Valueoils are notorious for loading quotes with delivery charges, commission and admin charges. All of which push up the PPL exclusive of VAT price. As you can see using a broker today, can cost you more and it does vary from day-to-day and from broker to broker.  Individually some of the brokers can be cheaper than the average distributor price. That’s why it is better to choose multiple from where the price quotes are free of commissions, delivery or other surcharges, and more competitive.

Today’s average broker prices are now 50.67ppl. We have seen a low prices of 49.23ppl inc vat and highs of 52.62ppl (inc vat). (All are dependant on postcode variations).  You would be better of comparing prices from suppliers in your area using  Remember, prices change daily and could change hourly.


Over the last 30 days at different postcodes you can see which Brokers have performed consistently well or not so well. We have collected online BROKER/CLUB site prices for the last 30 days up to 30th April. We compared prices on the same day and postcode for each one. Our graphic is based on average prices for each brokers performance over the last 30 days. The best and worst performers during this period can be clearly identified.

It has to be said that these are average prices at various postcodes over the course of 30 days and reflects the price consistency of each broker. So choose your brokers with care and watch their prices here.

You’re better off getting multiple quotes through and comparing prices without having to pay commissions or admin charges. It really is time to get multiple heating oil quotes from ‘s suppliers and stop paying commissions to brokers. So, hop over to to see if you can reduce your overall costs this Winter.

Our advice is to keep those tanks topped up without paying commission or other charges being added. If you are low on fuel, less than 25% then you need to take action now and fill up at good prices.

Over the last 7 days there has been a fall in average UK oil distributor prices on the week of 0.33ppl to 50.11ppl.

In average prices fell by 0.24ppl to 49.78ppl.

In average prices fell by 0.23ppl to 53.15ppl.

In average prices fell 0.21ppl to 50.15ppl

In average prices fell 0.13 to 47.83ppl.

For current price trends, head on over to and get multiple  #heatingoilquotes from suppliers to your area. prides itself on not charging commissions, delivery charges and general website usage charges.

The average price table is a guide only and does not constitute an offer.  As regional, postcode and supplier differences occur, we encourage you to obtain multiple and competitive #heatingoilquotes from to get the latest deals and prices from the suppliers delivering to your area.

Please note, we do not charge suppliers or consumers brokerage commissions nor do we add surcharges like other sites.