Today’s Heating Oil Prices

Saturday April 6th 2019. Crude oil prices started to increased over the week due to a weak dollar and production cuts. As a result Brent prices are up $0.94 (1.35%) today and is $70.34. WTI is also up $0.98 (1.58%) and is at $63.08. To see live heating oil prices in the trading market during the week, go to our home page and half way down you’ll see a live market trading position.

The #heatingoil price has risen by $2.90 (1.44%) to $2.0424. This has been reflected in the UK domestic heating oil prices already.

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Just over the last 10 days distributor average prices have risen by 0.64ppl. We have seen rises in the last day to an average distributor price of 48.94ppl inclusive of VAT. Crude is gently climbing and the US dollar rate has fallen.  We may see a drop early to mid week in UK domestic #heatingoil distributor prices. Any fall will be in 10ths of a penny. There are many bargains still out there for the asking.

The major deciding factor on prices in the coming weeks will be the price of crude oil, dollar rate, seasonal changes and possible Brexit ramifications. The trend seems to be on hold for the time being. There is the probability of uncertainity over pricing as we approach Brexit. Weather is forecasted to be more wetter and prices may push up. So, & make sure you do not run out of by topping up. Save money by getting quotes from a distributor and not  incentivised brokers.


We recommend using #heatingoil distributors as opposed to brokers because you can save money on final prices. Brokers do charge for additional costs such as delivery and commission. So avoid brokers and get #heatingoilquotes from real heating oil distributors through today and compare your local prices.

Today, average prices for distributors rose again by 0.34ppl and are at 48.94ppl and may stabilise at this level this week. By contrast, average broker prices remained static at 50.53ppl.  The difference between average distributor prices versus average online heating oil broker prices today is 1.59ppl inc vat. This means you can save an average of £7.95 on 500 litres or £15.90 on a 1000 litres.

Wise up, cost more money. Brokers charge a variety of commissions, surcharges & admin charges or a mixture of all and these affect your final bill. As you can see using a broker today, can cost you more and it does vary from day-to-day as we have seen over the week. Choose Multiple from where there are no commissions, delivery or other surcharges.


Over the last 10 days the average online broker price has moved up. There has been an average increase of 0.75ppl over the last 10 days and continues on an upward trend as we come out of “winter” pricing, crude prices strengthening and a weak dollar. After today’s non-movement (Sat), average broker prices are now 50.53ppl. We have seen a low prices of 47.20ppl inc vat and a high of 55.71ppl (inc vat). You would be better of comparing prices from suppliers in your area using  Remember, prices change daily and could change hourly.

We have collected online BROKER/CLUB site prices for the last 31 days up to 31st March. We compared prices on the same day and postcode for each one. Our graphic is based on average prices for each brokers performance over the last 31 days. The best and worst performers during this period can be clearly identified.

It has to be said that these are average prices at various postcodes over the course of 31 days and reflects the price consistency of each broker. You’re better off getting multiple quotes through and comparing prices without having to pay commissions or admin charges. It really is time to get multiple heating oil quotes from ‘s suppliers and stop paying commissions to brokers. So, hop over to to see if you can reduce your overall costs this Winter.

Our advice is to keep those tanks topped up without paying commission or other charges being added. If you are low on fuel, less than 25% then you need to take action now and fill up at good prices.


Over the last 7 days there has been a rise in average UK oil distributor prices on the week of 0.73ppl to 48.94ppl.

In prices rose 0.75ppl to 48.45ppl.

In prices rose by 0.70ppl to 53.53ppl.

In prices fell 0.91ppl to 48.34ppl

In prices fell by 0.52ppl to 47.07ppl.

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The average price table is a guide only and does not constitute an offer.  As regional, postcode and supplier differences occur, we encourage you to obtain multiple and competitive #heatingoilquotes from to get the latest deals and prices from the suppliers delivering to your area.

Please note, we do not charge suppliers or consumers brokerage commissions nor do we add surcharges like other sites.

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