Today’s Heating Oil Prices


Thursday 16th August 2018.  Since our last report crude oil prices have fallen. Brent is down by $0.11 or 0.16% to $70.65. WTI is down by $0.17 or 0.26% to $64.84. The #heatingoil price is also down by $0.38 or 0.18% to $2.0866.

The news from  website for the rest of the week and next week is included below.

Friday: Patchy outbreaks of rain push eastwards across the north of the UK. Southern and central regions remain dry with bright spells. Cool in the north but quite warm in the south.

Saturday: Outbreaks of rain, which could be heavy at times, affect much of the north and west. Elsewhere it should remain dry, with sunny spells in northern Scotland and southern England. Cool in the north west but warm England where temperatures may reach 27C (81F) in sunny spells.

Sunday: Patchy bursts of rain push eastwards across England and Wales. The heaviest rain is likely to be in northern areas. Northern Ireland and Scotland should be mostly dry and bright, and during the second half of the day drier weather returns to Wales and western England.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Mostly dry and warm weather filters northwards early on and in the south temperatures could reach 28C (82F). During Wednesday and Thursday cooler and wetter conditions in the north gradually push southwards but it could stay quite warm in southern counties.

From Friday 24th August. Northern and western regions have changeable conditions with a risk of showers or longer spells of rain, but also some drier and sunnier days. Southern and eastern counties could see showery rain at times but there should be a good deal of fine and warm weather.

Over the last 31 days heating oil prices we have a low of 50.97ppl and a highof 52.01 ppl with an average over the period of 51.41ppl. Whilst, the overall trend continues upwards, there has been a movement down in the last day but at the moment further falls may be smalldepending on how crude oil prices move. We predict the underlying Heating Oil price would continue to rise especially with the heating oil season just around the corner. Today, average UK #heatingoil prices have settled down at 51.74ppl.  Test your local suppliers by getting multiple #heatingoil quotes from

The last 14 days has seen a steady upward trend despite seeing some falls in prices. Average prices over the period rose 0.76ppl to 52.01ppl. Today’s average #heatingoil prices are at 51.74ppl but we have seen prices quoted today as low as 49.98ppl and as high as 52.76ppl both prices inclusive of vat. The heating oil season is just around the corner so its worth filling up on Summer prices. It seems that prices will continue to fluctuate between 50.00ppl and 53.00ppl inc vat. Suppliers’ prices are still keen and there have been many bargains to be had. Take the oppoprtunity to get multiple quotes from  At the moment the average UK price for a 500 litre load based on our average survey prices is £255.66, on a 1000 litre fill £511.32. The only way to really find out if there are any bargains to be had is to check out for yourselves and use and get multiple quotes from your local suppliers.

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Over the last 7 days the average UK #heatingoil price has remained static at 51.74ppl and the average for the week now is 51.77ppl. Prices have fallen in the last 3 days.

Prices in England show a fall of 0.01ppl to 51.35ppl with average weekly prices of 51.43ppl.

In Scotland prices are down by 0.32ppl to 54.74ppl, with a 7 day average of 54.91ppl. Wales saw an increase of 0.10ppl to 51.14ppl with a 7 day average of 51.27ppl. In Northern Ireland prices are up 0.70ppl to 49.76ppl with a 7 day average of 49.42ppl.

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