Autumn Heating Oil Prices

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Sunday 26th September 2021

Autumn heating oil prices cost over 90% more than this time last year. Higher crude prices are responsible as covid -19 economies start to recover and demand for petroleum products increase.

The UK weather has started to cool. However, With gas & electricity prices rising rapidly, a nationwide driver shortage, ongoing Covid issues, there is a high probability that crude & prices heating oil prices could rise this winter

However, we still recommend heating oil users to check their tank levels regularly as heating oil prices are rising fast. If you have less than 25% of oil in your tank look at getting multiple oil quotes from us

Market Trends

Oil prices are heading for a third straight week of gains despite a slight downward correction on Friday, buoyed by ongoing supply disruptions in the United States and several OPEC+ countries (such as Nigeria and Angola) failing to increase production according to their production targets.

Friday, Brent held above $71.9 per barrel after falls earlier on, despite some headwinds from a slight strengthening . WTI is once again pushing to get over the $70 barrier.

The global push towards energy transition could result in a supply shortage if there is too little upstream development for new oil supplies. The world risks a severe deficit of oil and gas which will push prices higher. We all know the world consumes oil, but is not ready to invest in the industry.

UK Market Trends

As of Friday, global benchmark Brent traded around $78 per barrel, whilst WTI was most recently assessed at $74 per barrel. Barring the Hurricane Ida period, the Brent-WTI spread is at its widest since late March 2021.Other Market Factors.

Autumn heating oil prices, are over 90% more than lasy year

Predicting prices for the next 30 days is difficult. But, in the short term we see them moving to 57ppl.

UK heating oil distributor prices have been floating between 46ppl-51ppl with the emphasis on the higher figure. Prices are now over 91% higher than this time last year. There is every indication they will go much higher as crude prices move up.

Predicting prices for the next 30 days is difficult. But, in the short term we see them moving to 57ppl.

UK Regional Analysis

UK heating oil prices have increased by a whopping 8.65% this week. Over the last 7 days there has been an increase in the average UK oil distributor heating oil prices of 4.66ppl.

Autumn heating oil prices, are over 90% more and rising

Autumn Heating Oil Prices at the moment show distributor heating oil prices poised to move up further.

England – average prices up by 6.15ppl to 54.54ppl.
Wales – average prices up by 2.42ppl to 49.18ppl.
Scotland – average prices up by 2.97ppl to 52.41ppl.
Northern Ireland – average prices up by 2.06ppl to 45.51ppl.

As Autumn heating oil prices continue to rise we highly recommend you check your heating oil tank regularly. Also check our daily twitter feed @ukheatingoils. You can request multiple quotes from on a regular basis to avoid any possible imminent price rises.

Distributor Analysis

During the last 7 days, UK heating oil prices have gradually increased by 8.65% this week. This amounts to an average rise of just over 4.06ppl after adjustments and vat.

Generally speaking we feel UK heating oil prices are rising in line with seasonal requirements. Crude oil prices are steadily moving up as economies continue to recover and demand increases.

Autumn heating oil prices, are over 90% more and rising

As of today, the average UK heating Oil price of 50.98ppl is 24.32ppl higher than this day a year ago. Not only that in, 2018 the price was 55.17ppl, and 2019, 53.18ppl. It is clear to us that we are on the same track as 2018 & 2019 pricing.

Distributor vs Broker Analysis

Average prices for distributors rose 4.06ppl on the week. Similarly, average broker prices also rose by 3.68ppl.

To put it briefly, the difference between average distributor heating oil prices versus average online heating oil broker prices today is 0.69ppl inc vat.

Savings fluctuate and depend on your postcode and any other charges made by brokers.

For instance Boilerjuice™ charge an additional £3.49 and is applied to each order of heating oil or gas oil (red diesel) placed on their website or over the telephone.

Furthermore, brokers do not tell you their commission rate as it is calculated into the PPL. So always ask and check your final total. There are many bargains out there, especially from suppliers.

Today’s Broker Analysis

Average broker prices are up to 51.67ppl today. As you can see from the graph below, some brokers are much more expensive than others.

Please remember that some brokers are other trading arms of larger distributor groups

As can be seen, today there is a 5.77ppl difference separating Boilerjuice and Tanktopper brokers in our random postcode check. Boilerjuice has been either the first or the second most expensive this week.

However, and fortunately for you, there are plenty of cheaper heating oil bargains from distributors around the country.

Price difference calculations are based on 1000 litres delivered in 5 days to the same randomly picked postcode.

Avoid Brokers

Autumn heating oil prices are rising in line with seasonal and crude prices. Buying heating oil is all about timing! You would be better off comparing prices from heating oil distributors in your area by using our site

Remember, prices and savings change regularly and are delivery postcode dependant.

Heating oil brokers charge a variety of commissions, surcharges & admin charges or a mixture of all and these affect your final bill.

The graph above shows you seven-day prices for brokers. Some of these quotes include delivery charges, commission and admin charges. All of which push up the PPL exclusive of VAT price.

As you can see, there are some brokers that are consistently higher priced than others.

Fortunately for heating oil consumers there are plenty of heating oil distributor bargains around the country.

Things to do

For current price trends, head on over to our main website at and get multiple heating oil quotes from suppliers to your area.

Always check our daily postings on Twitter @ukheatingoils and keep up with prices and events. You are most welcome and encouraged to follow us.

Also check out our post on heating oil tanks and new legislation regarding heating oil boilers. Every heating oil user must be aware of the these changes in legislation and costs associated with heating oil spills and leakages.

There is also a very nice piece about whether or not the heating oil is the cheapest fuel. Click here.


Autumn heating oil prices have clearly risen beyond expectation and are definitely following 2018 and 2019 price patterns. However, we do feel you should keep an eye on crude oil prices. Experts say they could rise further in the next few months as the world returns to some normality.

We are encouraging all customers to check their tanks first. Then get multiple heating oil quotes & order on the best price possible.

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