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Heating Oil Suppliers’ Products

Here we list suppliers’ fuel products available at most of the heating oil suppliers in our database.

Heating Oil or Kerosene

A network of heating oil and fuel suppliers deliver throughout the United Kingdom. However, if you need an emergency amount of fuel say 20-25 litres you do have a choice.

Heating Oil in 20 – 25 litre Containers

kerosene or heating oil container

This Kerosene is suitable for use as a heating oil. It is clean burning and has relatively low emissions. 

However, this is a non delivered fuel and you will have to collect it from a seller’s premises.

A 25 litre container of kerosene will weigh approximately 20kg so care is needed when lifting the container.

Compared to buying in bulk from a supplier, the price will always be higher. Nevertheless, this is considered to be the best alternative for when you run low and cannot get a delivery in time.

You can find local businesses that sell heating oil this way on the internet. Search Google for kerosene in 25 litre containers.

Heating Oil (Kerosene C2, 28 second burning oil, or Burning Oil)

In comparison, this is the cheapest form of heating oil. No government duty is applied to it, and it is suitable for use in all domestic pressure jet heating installations. 

Premium Burning Oil, also known as PBO or Blue Paraffin.

Alternatively, PBO is a finer grade of Kerosene. Its main use is in Aga equipment. The AGA is a heat storage stove and cooker.  This fuel helps to improve the performance of your equipment. You can also mix this fuel with Burning oil.

heating oil tang being filled with kerosene
Kerosene C1 or Premium Kerosene

In effect, paraffin is known as premium kerosene and is a cleaner, greener and more efficient form of Regular Kerosene.

High quality fuel additives, helps your boiler produce less CO2 than standard kerosene.

It may cost more than it’s contemporary fuel. It helps stop carbon build up on the jets in the boiler.  Surprisingly, it also helps rids sludge from forming in the tank.

Driving Fuels

Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

Commercial and agricultural sectors use gas oil in equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, generators, bobcats, tractors and combine harvesters.

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Travelling fairs and carnivals invariably use Gas oil to power their generators.

Equally important, this oil offers a cost effective alternative to other fuels.  It does not carry the same levies on tax as white diesel. However,  you cannot use this fuel in  normal on-the-road vehicle. If you are caught doing this, then you could face a heavy fine.

As such gas oil it is subject to much lower taxes. It is only for use in specific agricultural, construction vehicles and machinery.  Conversely it is a Criminal Offence to use Gas Oil as a road fuel.

Diesel (White Diesel or Road Diesel)

Cars, buses, trucks, earthmoving equipment and some trains use this fuel. Ultra-low-sulphur diesel (ULSD) is a term used to describe diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulphur content.

As of 2006, almost all of the petroleum-based diesel fuel available in Europe and North America is of a ULSD type. ULSD has a lower energy content due to the heavy processing required to remove large amounts of sulphur from oil.

Unleaded (95 and 98 RON)

This is a gasoline product designed for cars, petrol generators and lawnmowers for instance. It contains no lead and meets existing environmental requirements.

95 RON is the standard for regular unleaded petrol. 98 RON is also available as a more expensive option.

motor engine  which will run on RON 102

In the UK, ordinary regular unleaded petrol is 91 RON (not commonly available). Premium unleaded petrol is always 95 RON. Super unleaded is usually 97-98 RON.

However, there is the higher specification that Shell and BP produce which is 102 RON. Cars with high-performance engines use this high octane fuel.

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